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REhydrate Pro vs Quench vs Avex Bottles

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The Rehydrate Pro bottle is the most versatile of the 3 bottles I tested. It also comes in a 25oz size, includes a bumper to decrease noise and damage to its bottom, and has a flip n sip flip top lid. This lid allows you to drink from the bottle when it is upright, and you do not need to turn it upside down to drink from it. Additionally, the diameter of this bottle is smaller than the Quench, and it therefore fits a lot better in various places including car cup holders and cup holders at the gym. However, the mouth of this bottle is smaller than the Quench, and it is therefore more difficult to put ice into it.

Rehydrate Pro vs Quench vs Avex

Product Name: Rehydrate Pro Stainless Insulated Water Bottle

Product Description: ✔️ Stays Hot for 12 hours and Cold for 24 hours. ✔️ BPA Free 18/8 Stainless Steel prevents absorption of tastes are aromas. ✔️ Triple copper insulated bottle prevents sweating. Copper is sandwiched in between inner and outer wall improving insulation by about 10 degrees. ✔️ Lightweight and small in diameter. ✔️ Bonus Flip N Sip lid + Silicone Bumper

  • Price
  • Cold Performance
  • Hot Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Color Options
  • Accessories


The Test

I filled the bottles to the top with ice and then with water. I then used 2 Risepro aquarium thermometers to measure temperature. This Rehydrate Pro was compared to the Quench (stainless) and Avex (glass) bottles. The bottles were kept inside at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. At 2 hours the temperatures for the Rehydrate Pro were 31.3 & 31.0 F. At 24 hours the temperatures were 54.4 & 54.3 F.

The Quench bottle was by far the best in terms of keeping the water cold, and temperatures at 24 hours were 22 degrees colder than the Rehydrate Pro. However, he Quench doesn’t fit in most cup holders, is very large in size, and is more cumbersome to drink from. At 2 hours the temperatures measured 30.8 & 30.7 F. At 24 hours the temperatures measured 32.4 & 32.3 F.

The Avex glass bottle was by far the worst in terms of its ability to keep drinks cold. There is very little insulating factor, and therefore it can’t really be described as an insulated bottle. The advantages of the Avex bottle are that many people feel drinks taste better from glass, and there could possibly be health concerns when drinking from stainless steel. However, stainless appears to still be a far better option than plastic in this regard. At 2 hours it measured 55.7 & 55.6 F. At 24 hours the temperature of the water measured 82.5 & 82.0 F.


The Rehydrate Pro is a great bottle that comes in 11.87 and 25 oz sizes. It features cool colors and features, and it is the easiest to drink from. The Quench bottle will keep your drinks cold the longest, but is a large bottle that is hard to fit in many cup holders. The Avex bottle has very little insulating factor, but is otherwise a great bottle. What you choose will depend upon your needs and preferences.


Rehydrate Pro

  • Much cheaper than competing brands such as HydroFlask or Yeti
  • Small base means it fits in most cup holders (including at the gym)
  • Multiple drinking (lid) options
  • Small size is great for kids
  • Removable rubber bumper
  • Respectable insulating performance (hot and cold)
  • Insulated much better than the glass bottle
  • Good build quality
  • Great color options


Rehydrate Pro

  • Build quality not as good as Yeti
  • Did not keep fluids cold for as long as the Quench bottle
  • Some believe glass is better for your health
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