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Qalo Ring Review & Comparison

Qalo Ring Review
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Product Name: Qalo Ring

Product Description: Qalo rings are a type of silicone ring. Silicone rings are a safer and more comfortable alternative to traditional rings. Qalo is well established, and offers some great styles. However, some may prefer the unique styles, customization, and breathability offered by Groove Rings.

  • Comfort
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Color & Style Options

Qalo Ring Review (hands-on) with Comparisons

See the Qalo vs Groove Life Ring written and video review here.
What is a Qalo Ring? 
Qalo rings are a high quality silicone ring. Silicone rings are designed for the athletic and outdoor enthusiast (crossfitters, surfers, rock climbers, cyclists), or just the casual enthusiast or gym goer who doesn’t want a ring that will get scratched and destroyed. They are very inexpensive; ranging from $19.99 to $24.95 on Amazon, and come in 35 different styles to suit any taste. They are also a great option for people with active jobs like firefighters, coaches, mechanics, or military personnel. In fact, Qalo even offers a U.S. Army version of the ring. Some styles feature cool “engravings” like a kettlebell or pick and ax if you want to make a statement. Expensive tungsten, platinum, and stainless rings are very uncomfortable to wear during athletic activities, and are likely to get lost if you take them off. Qalo rings are made from hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous medical grade silicone.
What size should you order? 
I personally wear a size 10 ring (ring finger measures 2.5 inches / 6.5 cm circumference) when snug, and therefore ordered a size 10 Qalo Black Compass Outdoors – Silicone Ring. This ring was a little too snug for me, and there was noticeable tension around my finger when flexing it. The ring was returned to Amazon with no problems, and I picked up a size 11 Qalo Q2X Black Step Edge – Silicone Ring. The size 11 is much more comfortable, and fits snug when dry. However, when wet it slides off really easily. Since Qalo doesn’t make half sizes it’s sort of a tough call. It’s best to order your ring size if you are most concerned about it slipping off, and the next size up if you are most concerned about comfort and ease of taking it off.
Features & Function
Qalo rings come with a cool zip pouch or storage when you are not using it. The pouch also has a clip hook that makes it easy to clip onto a ring or other small object; it’s very similar to the clasps that hold your keys in backpacks or board shorts. The silicone surface is slightly tacky, and does tend to hang onto hair gel, sunscreen, etc. more than metal rings. However, this is a pretty small price to pay for a cheap and comfortable ring. These rings look really good, but they are obviously not going to be as classy as a traditional ring; it’s a compromise. If you want a more formal ring the Qalo ring would be a great evening or weekend substitute. The Qalo ring was very comfortable for me to wear at work as a Registered Nurse, at the gym, riding mountain bike, or doing pretty much anything else. I developed a painful dermatitis skin condition that seemed to come from my cobalt ring; the Qalo ring hasn’t given me any such problems. There are a few complaints of finger irritation in Amazon reviews. The Kauai is a better value at only $8.99 on Amazon, but there seemed to be a few more complaints about irritation with that ring, and there are less styles and colors. I haven’t had any problems with Qalo durability, though it could get torn up a little over time with heavy use such as crossfit. Still, the Qalo ring is a much cheaper and more durable alternative than a traditional metal ring.
Groove Rings are a also tremendous option, and would be my recommendation in most cases. They offer a more comfortable alternative, and also have air channels which allow the skin under the ring to breathe. Check out the Groove Ring written and video reviews  here. Groove also has an amazing website, which offers the best prices, styles, and even other gear. You can check out the website here.
Bottom Line
Whether you choose the Qalo, Groove, or Kauai ring chances are you’ll be happy. Silicone rings are a comfortable, flexible, and cheap alternative to a traditional wedding ring. The storage pouch with the Qalo ring is a great idea for when you do want to take it off. You’re probably best ordering a size up unless you really want a snug ring. Returns are easy through Amazon, so don’t stress too much. My wife is happier now that I’m wearing a wedding ring – save yourself some grey hair and pick one up today.


  • Lot’s of styles, colors, widths, etc.
  • Men’s and Women’s available
  • Proven durability
  • One time, any time warranty


  • Groove Ring has a superior warranty
  • Groove Ring is more comfortable
  • Groove Ring has more frequent sales, custom rings, and unique colors
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