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Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Headphone Review

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Jaybird X3 Review
jaybird x3 product

Product Name: Jaybird X3

Product Description: - Rugged Outdoor Performance - 8hr playtime - Sweat-proof & water resistant - Customize your sound with the Jaybird app - Secure + Comfort-Fit with interchangeable tips and fins - Music + Calls

  • Clarity
  • Bass
  • Price
  • Fit / Security
  • Waterproof Rating
  • Accessories


The Jaybird X3 Bluetooth headphones are a bit strange looking to the newcomer. What’s up with that ear fin thing? This is how I felt when first exposed to these headphones, and it is what kept me from buying them for over a year. Conventional wisdom would tell you that the over-the-ear design is the way to go. However, finding great Bluetooth sports headphones proves harder than one might think. The Jaybird X3’s have several things that set them apart, but sound is the biggest area where these shine.


On the search for Bluetooth earbuds I wanted to go fully wireless. However, some research and experimentation revealed that the technology just isn’t quite there yet. The Apple Airpods aren’t sport oriented. Reviews of the JLab epic air claim terrible connectivity. Cheaper Amazon options are fine if you’re on a budget, but don’t expect them to tickle your ears with rich sound. This includes the Senso ActivBuds, Treblab XR500,  Zeus Outdoor Bluetooth earbuds, and other offerings from Joyful Heart and Taotronics. Bose Soundsport Wireless look like a great option, but the block style isn’t the most functional, Bose isn’t exactly known for bass heavy headphones. Powerbeats are widely regarded as overpriced, and there are many reports of them breaking; $200 headphones shouldn’t be breaking on a regular basis. Jaybird has new offerings such as the Tarah Pro and X4; however the X’3 still offer an excellent value, and have great sound.

Set Up & Configuration

I finally decided to give these the Jaybird X3’s a shot after hearing tons of positive reviews. Most of the negative reviews regarding fit come from people using the standard configuration and silicone ear tips. When I put these  into sport -fit mode using the cord clips security was never a concern.

It’s the little things that set these apart. Things like the premium build, the metal drivers, and the MySound app.

The sport configuration is a must for anyone that doesn’t want these bouncing all over your neck, and the foam tips are the secret sauce in keeping these from coming out of your ears. The controller, though seemingly large, has little to no bouncing in the sport mode. I thought the larger controller (compared to the X2’s) would both me, but this just wasn’t an issue. When the sport mode and foam tips were used they NEVER  came out. This was true even during exercises like tire flips or burpees.

Negatives & Features

It isn’t all roses though. The initial setup is most complicated of several I have tried. Switching to the sports mode has you bending your mind in circles. However, there are 3 sets of ear fins, 3 set of silicone tips, and 3 sets of foam tips to aid you in your travels. Once you understand the process you are rewarded with a rock solid sweet bliss in your ears. Bluetooth stability is just average, and I did experience the occasional millisecond skip. The proprietary charger is another thing that could have your running for the hills. Sure, it could put you in a bind if your loose it. This shouldn’t be a problem for the prudent listener however, and if it does become a problem Jaybird offers an entire accessory pack including the charging clip for only $9.99 here.

The simple case doesn’t leave room for many accessories, but is great for every day use. It fits right into your pocket making these amazing transportable. Battery life is 8 hours as claimed, and  20 minutes of quick charging also provides a full hour of playtime.  While these are not officially IPX rated, they do boast a sweat-proof double hydrophobic nano coating.

MySound App

The MySound app is another thing that really sets these apart. I thought it was a cool idea, but in practicality it makes all the difference in the world. This user friendly app allows you to completely change the sound signature. Say you want to listen really loud and want heavy bass – there’s a profile for that. If the bass if overwhelming the headphones and distorting the sound – there’s a profile for that. On that note, it is possible to overwhelm these just a little bit. However, simply choose a different sound profile these are right back at home. If they aren’t getting loud enough – choose another sound profile. You get the idea. You can fine tune any profile you choose, or create your own preset and save it to the headphones. These profiles are saved to the headphones, so they’ll be there no matter what device you connect them to.

Jaybird X2 vs X3

Compared to the X2’s the X3’s have a cheaper starting price, fit better, more refined design, and the edition of the MySound app. My sound app is awesome, really easy to use. The unboxing experience is premium as you might expect. These things just make you feel cool. An excited and trendy female voice greets you with”power on, headphones connected, fully charged” (or whatever the percentage is). The visual battery indicator is a welcome addition for Android owners. This is one thing I was a little jealous of Iphone’s for, and on the X3’s you get the battery level displayed in the app, and in notification bar at the top of the phone. The X3’s are available in a wide variety of cleverly named color schemes, most of which are available at Amazon.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best sports Bluetooth earbuds available. The sound is superior, the MySound app is amazing, and they look great. You owe it to yourself to at least give them a shot.


  • Amazing sound, especially for a small form factor
  • Clear vocals without distortion at high volumes
  • No noticeable lag in video
  • Solid bass for a sport oriented headphone
  • Great looks and color options
  • Fit it comfortable and secure once you get it right
  • Cord management clips keep the cable off your neck
  • 8 hour battery life is respectable


  • Sport (over-the-ear) setup is initially confusing
  • It takes a little time to find the right configuration
  • Sweatproof, but not waterproof
  • Proprietary charging clip
  • Not great for calls in the sport configuration due to microphone location behind the head
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