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Groove Life Adventure Gear Review

Groove Life Adventure Gear compliments the outdoorsman (or woman) in you. These cool designs allow you express your love of the outdoors, while also offering a fun and modern style.

Shirts – Groove Adventure Gear 

groove adventure gear thumbnail
Yeti Shirt

The shirts feature a wide variety of animals; from whales, to bison, and even the elusive Yeti. Each design is filled with topographical lines, corresponding to where the animal can be found. The shirts even have searchable coordinates, allowing you to locate exactly there that animal is from; how cool is that! Searching the coordinates in Google Maps I found that the Yeti is (supposedly) from Telma, Washington.

I personally own the Yeti shirt, Bear Trucker Hat, and Deep Stone Grey Topo Ring.

The shirts feature a cotton/polyester blend, making them comfortable, and quick drying. They are ethically made in Central America from USA made materials, and printed in Groove’s hometown of Franklin, TN. I found the shirt to be really comfortable, especially after washing. There’s no annoying tag to deal with either.

groove adventure gear yeti shirt - back
Yeti Shirt (back)

Groove products are overall really fun, and will probably speak to you. For instance, on the inside of my shirt it says…

“Our designs were born from our collective adventures here at Groove…of places we have been and of places we long to explore. Where will your next adventure be.”

Hats – Groove Adventure Gear 

groove life bear trucker hat
Bear Trucker Hat

The hats are a Snapback style, and also feature various animals with topographical lines as the background. They come in either charcoal trucker or heater flat brim styles. Snapback style hats feature 6 panels, and an adjustable snap on the back. This means that one size can be adjusted to fit all heads. The sticker is a feature of the hat, certifying that it is a genuine snapback. The trucker hats have a slight curvature to the brim, while the brim on the heather hats are flat. I found the hat to have a fun style that goes great with a your favorite t-shirt, jeans, or jacket. They’re equally suited for the city or the country. Snapbacks have a baseball style, but have also been adopted by the hip-hop and EDM scene. They’re a great way to get a ton of attention while also sticking to your roots.

Topo Rings – Groove Adventure Gear 

groove life deep stone grey topo ring
Topo Ring (deep stone grey)

Topo rings are just one of many awesome rings that Groove+Life makes. They feature the same breathable technology as all of their rings. This design, the first of its kind, has grooves on the inside that channel water out, and allow air to circulate around the finger. The results is a ring that stays drier, all but eliminates chafing, and is more comfortable over a longer period of time.

The topo rings have laser etched topo design on the outside as well, giving them a cool and interesting textured appearance. Groove makes a ton of rings, including other rings in this “dimension” collection; you can check them out here.

Groove Adventure Gear is just one small part of their impressive lineup. The website is fantastic, and regularly features sales. Check out the sizing sheet if you need some help. However, if you get it wrong have no fear. Groove has an excellent return policy, as well as a “No BS” 94 year warranty on their rings. Some may be turned off by their over-the-top marketing videos, but I think that’s just Groove trying to have fun and stay edgy.  Really, there’s not much to dislike.

groove adventure gear yeti front
Yeti Shirt (front)

Groove+Life has a some amazing rings, and I truly believe they are the best traditional ring alternative available today. If you want to find out more you can watch my review above, read the written review here, or view Groove’s official website here

Groove+Life Adventure Gear Review
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