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Groove Life vs Qalo Silicone Rings Review

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Groove Life vs Qalo Ring Review
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Product Name: Groove Life

Product Description: Groove + Life is the worlds first breathable silicone ring. They continue to expand their styles, now sell outdoor apparel, and are even getting into watch bands. Groove and Qalo are both great rings, but Groove offers more unique styles, breathable technology, a more comfortable fit, excellent customer support, and a premium experience.

  • Comfort
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Color & Style Options

Groove + Life Silicone Ring

The Groove Ring Difference

Groove life rings are marketed as the “world’s first breathable silicone ring.” Other silicone rings can cause shriveling, discomfort, and irritation of the finger. Groove Life rings contain special technology that all but solves this problem. Breathable grooves weave through the center of the ring, and air ports connect to the grooves to outside air. Together these technologies allow air to flow in, and moisture to get out. This design also lessens contact with the skin, and allows for much more efficient drying. The result is a ring that is more comfortable, and can be worn longer.

A Safer Alternative

Silicone wedding rings are a safer and more functional alternative to traditional metal wedding rings. Now I say safer because there have actually been many cases of ring avulsion. This occurs when the ring gets caught on objects and causes separation of the skin from the underlying tissue. This term gained some popularity when Jimmy Fallon experienced ring avulsion. Silicone rings, and the Groove ring in particular, prevent this problem. That’s because the Groove Ring is composed of two layers that separate under high tension.


Now, aside from preventing horrific injuries, silicone rings also a lot in terms of comfort. They are ideal for anyone with an active hobby, job, or lifestyle. They’re awesome for weight training, rock climbing, biking, running, any kind of sport, mechanics, construction workers, janitors, or just the average Joe (or Jane for that matter).
The Groove Ring is considerably more comfortable than the Qalo Ring. This is because of it’s low profile, and what they call an “erased edge.” Qalo rings have more of an abrupt edge, making them less comfortable, and easier to catch on objects such as your pocket.

Testing the Groove Ring

I was hopeful about Groove Ring claims, but also somewhat doubtful. That’s why I decided to put the Groove ring to the test. I wore both rings over a 52 hour period, one on the left hand, and one on the right hand. Check out the VIDEO review to see this for yourself. I also washed dishes for about 45 minutes with both rings, and this provided the perfect test of trying. After 26 hours there was a small amount of discoloration and shriveling with the Groove Ring. However, there was a larger white area and increased pruning with the Qalo ring. At 52 hours time the difference was even more evident. The skin underneath the Qalo ring had gotten worse, and even started to itch. Meanwhile the skin under the Groove Ring had gotten better, and looked pretty much normal, with the exception of a small white band around the finger. So, while both rings should be removed on a regular basis, these tests show that the Groove Ring is superior when it comes to drying.


Groove Life has a wide array of rings available on their website for both men and women. These include Groove original, thin, Spartan, camo, protector, America, and aspire (designer) collections. You can even customize your ring by engraving your choice of text, monograms or icons. The ability to upload your own image is coming soon. The thin rings are about 5.5mm wide, while the original rings are around 8mm wide. Groove rings are available on Amazon as well, but the selection is much more limited.

I didn’t think I would like the two tone style of the Groove Ring at first, but it actually looks really cool, and the inside can’t really be seen when it’s on your finger. In comparison, the Qalo Q2X step edge style is 8.9mm wide. They do have other styles, and particularly the women’s line, that are 5.5mm wide.

Sizing and Fit

Groove Life recommends that the ring be worn snugly, and that you should size down if your current ring is loose or you are a half size. I would have to agree. I wear a size 10.5-11 metal ring. In the Qalo ring an 11 is a little loose, but fits me well. I initially wore the size 11 Groove Ring, but after a week I found it to be too loose. I do think that the ring stretched a bit, but if it’s not tight it becomes easy to pull off when your hands are wet. Groove Life also offers a “measurement cheat sheet” which can be found on their website. They also offer additional styles on their website, and the option to try on 5 rings and return the one’s you don’t want.


Groove rings range from $29.95 to $39.95 on Amazon, while Qalo Rings currently go for $19.99-$39.95 on Amazon.

Groove Life Rings (compare retailers)

Qalo Rings (compare retailers)

Warranty & Returns

Groove Life has a so called “No BS warranty” that covers damage for a period of 94 years regardless of the reason. Just so you know, this even covers sticking your hand into a box of razor blades. They also say that this warranty extends to rings purchased on Amazon. In some cases you are required to pay a $6 shipping/handing fee. On Amazon exchanges and returns are covered under the standard 30 day policy. Qalo has a 1 year warranty against breakage and tears, though it is not clear in their policy if this extends to rings purchased outside their website.

Groove Life website purchases have a 30 day refund and return period. Purchases made on Amazon have the standard Amazon return period, which is typically 30 days.


There are no doubt a ton of choices for silicone wedding rings out there. However, Groove Life really steps it up. The breathable grooves and air ports make a huge difference when it comes to wearing rings for an extended period of time. The low profile design also really makes a difference when it comes to getting this ring caught on pants, jackets, gloves, or anything else you might come across. Finally, Groove Life offers some really cool styles, and an industry leading 94 year warranty.


Groove Ring

  • Safer than traditional metal rings
  • More comfortable than metal rings (stretch and move with the body)
  • Air ports and breathable grooves for enhanced drying and comfort
  • Low profile rolled edges for comfort, which also prevent snagging
  • No questions asked lifetime warranty
  • Tons of unique styles and custom rings
  • Also sell outdoor apparel and watch bands
  • Great for those who have a metal (i.e. cobalt or nickel) allergy.
  • Cool packaging, website, and experience


  • May not be formal enough for some settings
  • Lots of haters, but who needs em
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