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Backpack Cooler Review / North Coyote

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  • Made for mountain hiking, but also good for camping, fishing, hunting, the beach, the gym, or even as a lunch backpack for work.
  • Made of a durable 600D polyester.
  • Includes a chest and hip belt which provides excellent support and weight distribution for hikes or other adventures.
  • 17 Liter collapsible cooler on the bottom; lined with a waterproof fabric. Could also be used to store other items if you want.
  • Includes 2 ice packs. These keep the contents cold for 4-8 hours at in 80 F temps. More ice packs can be added.
  • 25 liters collapsible drawstring portion on the top. This means it will hold items tightly, and also compact as small as possible.
  • This give the backpack a total of 42 Liters of storage.
  • Also includes  pockets for cell phones, chargers, sunscreen, or whatever you want to pack.


I’ve used this backpack so far for short hikes, camping, the beach, and the pool. It does an excellent job of keeping everything in one place. It negates the need for a separate cooler, and it makes carrying things much easier. Before I was using a large bag for the beach, and a hard cooler. These two things alone could be a separate trip to the beach. With this backpack everything is on your back, and leaves your hands free to grab chairs, help your child, lock the car, or whatever you need to do. 


When we took the North Coyote cooler backpack to a campsite/beach it came in really handy. In the cooler section I was able to fit 10 cans, 3 water bottles, the two included ice packs, and still had a little room to spare. The cooler fits 16.9 ounce bottles standing up, which is really handy. The zipper doesn’t seem super heavy duty, but so far I’ve had no problems. I wasn’t initially a fan of the two included ice packs, but they actually do a really good job. These two packs will keep your items cool for about 4-8 hours, and they did much better than the gel type in my tests. You just fill them up with water, pop the tops on, and then freeze them. I’ve had zero problems with them leaking. You could use ice cubes, but I would probably save them for a hard shell cooler. 


north coyote backpack cooler beach
Storage & Pockets
There’s also a water bottle holder on the side. In the top portion I was able to fit a rain jacket, a change of clothes for myself, my son, and my wife, and two beach towels. I’m usually not a fan of drawstring backpacks, but it’s really handy in this case because the less you put in, the smaller the top becomes. Cinch straps are also included to keep things secure and make it more compact. 
There are also pockets on the top, front and side. The top and front pockets are very large; more than big enough for several cell phones, keys, or snacks. Hiking with the Coyote Cooler backpack is surprisingly comfortable thanks to the padded back, chest strap, and waist straps. These help to keep the backpack secure, and also reduce the weight on your shoulders. 
Overall I think this is an excellent backpack, and certainly a steal at only around $30. I wouldn’t take it on the Appalachian trail, but it’s perfect for day trips. Check the link for current pricing and customer reviews at Amazon.
Budget Cooler Backpack Review

Product Name: North Coyote Backpack Cooler

Product Description: This backpack cooler from North Coyote is the perfect budget solution for hiking, camping, the beach, the pool, and more. This 600D water-resistant polyester backpack combines a 17 liter collapsible cooler, and a 25 liters packable storage compartment, for a total of 42 liters of storage. It also has 5 pockets and padded waist, shoulder, and chest straps.

Brand: North Coyote

  • Price - 100%
  • Space - 90%
  • Pockets/Features - 95%
  • Cooler Insulation - 70%
  • Fit / Security - 100%
  • Water Resistance - 80%

Pros & Cons

Author Rating


  • Excellent price at around $30
  • Flexible design makes it great for camping, hiking, family trips, the beach, the pool, and more
  • Impressive storage in both the dry compartment and the cooler
  • Lots of pockets to organize and store your belongings
  • Padded chest and waist straps provide a great fit, and help with weight distribution
  • Sufficient quality for the average consumer or weekend warrior
  • Fits taller 16.9 oz bottles
  • Durable 600D fabric
  • Water resistant
  • Cinch top design and top straps allow the bag to adjust to what you are carrying


  • Probably won’t stand up to heavy abuse or multi-day hikes
  • Cooler insulation not made for overnight or multi-day
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